Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chicken Crescent Rolls

This is one of my favorite recipes from my mom that we don't make anymore (cursed milk allergies!), but I really miss it, so I thought I would share it so others could enjoy it. :0) It's pretty simple, and oh so good!
1/2 pound chicken breasts
2 packages Pillsbury crescent rolls
1 package Cream Cheese
1/8 - 1/4 cup milk
Garlic powder to taste (maybe a tablespoon if you like garlic)

Cook and cut up two chicken breasts). Unroll 2 pkgs of Pillsbury crescent rolls. Keep them in rectangles (they normally would be divided into 8 triangles). Squeeze or "smoosh" the lines together in the middle of the rectangle so the dough will hold together.
Soften a package of cream cheese with a little milk (to taste, but less than a quarter cup - you want the sauce thick) and stir in garlic powder to taste. Use a whisk so it all mixes well.
Add chicken to cream cheese mix and put a mound in middle of dough rectangle (about the size of an ice cream scoop). Fold sides of rectangle over chicken mix and squeeze edges to seal.
Bake in oven for 11 to 13 minutes at 375 (follow the instructions for the rolls), and enjoy!


  1. Natalie, I am so glad that you posted this! I love these. I haven't made these in a long time and I like your version better than mine. WHen Luke couldn't eat dairy I would just put the plain baked chicken in crescent rolls for him. If I remember correctly they don't have dairy in them but I know that your little guy's allergies are way more severe than Luke's were. I could definitely be wrong though because those things couldn't possible not have butter in them, right?

  2. Hooray for new recipes on this blog!

  3. Hey Danielle, you're right that the rolls don't have any dairy in them. I hadn't thought of just putting chicken without the sauce in a roll for Samuel, excellent idea! :0)